Blast Off

Hello Everyone! Happy Tuesday. How is everyone's mood? I have to say I was doing better then I peeked at social media and saw some headlines that took me to a dark place, and now I am again trying to focus ONLY what I can control. Here is a great visual to help with that...

Again, I am completely uplifted by all the help that everyone is showing to their neighbors right now. So many acts of kindness! It is beyond.

As you know, I am behind on my color a day challenge, Once you get behind it is hard to get caught up! I realize that I was already pressed on time to work on my business with my daughter in school and now that she is home, I have no time. To add something else to the plate was possibly poor planning - but I am also enjoying the practice and of course learning from this experience which I enjoy. I also enjoy the creative outlet is brings, but not over sleep which is why I am lagging... when it's one over the other and I choose SLEEP.

OKay so my daughter picked a couple colors so I could try and get ahead and then sprung on me that they are ALL going to the same place - which is outer space. I mean - I wouldn't might catching a ride there myself right now, although talk about isolation. so maybe not.

I give you Tropical Violet + Space Adventure...

Well, you always start going one way and then end up in another place.

I was TRULY Inspired by iimuahii , I mean - hitting future on the nose in my opinion. I would just say - boom this is it. She just totally captures what I have in my head.

Here is my version, Loved the Delpozo 2017 Collection. The look off the runway just was perfect and I was continuing to look for just that look. As we say, if you are searching for something that you fell in love with - then go back to what you fell in love with - as you found it, no need to keep searching. Then I just added accessories around that look. I have to be honest, I do not love the shoes, but due to time and color options they are a fine fit.

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