Blueberry + Errands

Alright, our next color for day #2 of the 14 day color challenge is "blueberry" (I wonder if tomorrow will be Banana?!) and our event is Errands..."Going to get a new iPhone" specifically. Thank you Clover..

For this look I kept in mind Plump + Deep + Sleek. I feel most everyone's go to in life are jeans so I try to get out of that box. You do not have to wear jeans every day. Especially if you are running errands. Try something different.. I love the skirt with sneakers look so I kept it very sleek with the silk skirt and even with the style of sneakers - I didn't want to add too much bulk. I wanted the plump to come with a nice round balloon sleeve, again still very sleek with the style of this cashmere sweater. This all feels very elevated for an "errands look", very sophisticated but also easy, simple and beautiful. A couple of found round accessories that complement the sleeve and staying with in our story of the round blueberry.





Hair Clip

Enjoy people.

Why is it I always add more to my already full plate!

I'm off to bed.. No more steam.

xx Mollie

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