Day 1 of Locking it down...

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

Hello Everyone,

Day 1 of "locking it down" seems like a good time to start blogging. Right?!

I have decided to push the pause button right now with clients (unless virtually) for the time being as things unfold with CV-19. My daughters school is closed for 2 weeks, My husband got back from NYC last week and the message I am receiving at this time is to slow things down and cherish the time together.

I thought maybe this is a good time to try blogging? (maybe that is a little contradicting since I just said its time to cherish the time together, but I do need my own space and I am hoping this can be it) I am hoping for reflection during this time with my business as well. I have tried a lot of things this past year and my heart has been torn in some areas. I am discovering what 'running a business' is all about, it's not perfect at the start (by any means) and you have to continue to move forward and work out the kinks as you go. During this time please know I am still here to help with style and would love to hear from you guys and connect. Let me know any questions, topics, things you would like to see and learn about in regards to your personal style as I look forward to continuing to serve others during this time in this space.


Where is everyone at right now? It's such a spectrum. I have friends who have been locking it down for a month already with multiple fridges full of food, to friends who are hanging out at their local bar. I would love to hear where you are at with everything happening! Are you and your partner on the same page? Are you navigating alone? Are you close to Family?

I've been in the anxiety stricken "I don't want to read another article as I might throw up, want to hide under a blanket and cry space". Today I started in the, "okay, I got a good nights sleep, let's be thankful every second we are all feeling okay, and what will our day to day look like" space. We are currently a game of checkers, 2 puzzles, 2 Daniel Tiger episodes, multiple books, kids yoga, a solar system project and this blog thus far on day 1/ hour 8. Oh and I can't forget to add breakdown #1 by my daughter as we were late on snack time, oops. (Does anyone else's child loose it if you are literally 1 second late on food to their body clock?! Not fun!)

Side note - Is Anyone else getting sick of the smell of Lysol?! It's saving my sanity - my goodness that stuff is STRONG. I started to burn sage after using it yesterday and that seemed to help. My husband is afraid we are going to get 409 poisoning (insert emoji with hand on forehead here).

In other (and more fun) news, my favorite topic...


Right now, I just want to feel Cozy and Warm and HUGGED! Thus this mood board.

I am on day 4 of #pjsallday, a trend that will end soon, but for now I am okay with it.

I have a pair of Fruit of the Loom sweatpants that have been in my life for over a year. They. Are. The. Best. Last year after emergency surgery, I asked the nurses for a pair of pants to wear home (as the tight ass jeans I had worn into the hospital, unknown that I would be having surgery, I could not wear home and I could not go home pants-less) The nurses gave me the best gift - the warmest nicest hug - with these forest green (favorite color) sweatpants. As I put them on I was filled with love. I LIVED in them during my recovery and have been in them during my down time ever since. They have become home. They bring me SO much comfort. I am obsessed with them. Everyone should own a pair of Fruit of the Loom sweatpants. Amen.

What are your favorite cozy at home pieces that you feel safe and loved in? How long have you had them? Isn't it incredible how we can find comfort in our clothes?! The memories they hold that make us feel safe. Our clothes can truly be our friends that sit closest to us in some of the hardest times. During this time I hope that you have pieces in your wardrobe that bring you comfort and love. xx Mollie

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