Day 2 with a New Attitude.

Okay... Day 2 here we go.

I woke up with "the fear and anxiety has to STOP" thought. I went into this season of Lent with instead of giving something up, trying to practice a discipline. I was going to try to stop letting fear rain and let faith be in charge instead. Well, then a pandemic/national emergency declaration happened and I hate to say it but I have been drowning in the fear side of it all. Forgive me. I am going to try again. Faith over Fear. I have faith in God, I have faith in communities, I have faith in Love. I have faith in humanity. Deep breaths.


I must say the wheels came off a tad bit on Day 1. Starting Monday (day 3) We will be on more of a schedule which I think will be helpful with managing sanity and keeping my daughter occupied with fun projects. We have a loft style house so privacy is something that is typically hard to come by. Now with all 3 of us here 24/7 - it's an experiment for sure.


My daughter (who was also on day 5 of #pjsallday) told me today she was getting dressed.

I almost fell out of my chair. (she is 4 by the way) AND she did, She went in picked out her clothes and got dressed, and did her hair. I think it's interesting that EVEN at 4 years old there is a recognition to get yourself ready for the day. I even told her she could go 1 more day PJ's and she said - Nope I want to get dressed today.

I did not get dressed today. Tomorrow I am planning on getting dressed. I wan to start the week off on the right foot. No idea what I am going to wear. I have nuuly sitting by my front door that I haven't touched.

SIDE NOTE - Do you know about nuuly? It's a clothing rental company where you can rent up to 6 items for $89 a month. I am on my 2nd month of it and really loving it. I have 2 clients who are using it as well. If you have used it I would love to hear about your experience. I think it's great for people whose style leans boho and are looking for a sustainable option and have a high rotation in their closets.

Monday is a big day of getting dressed for a lot of people as most would be getting dressed to head to work, most will not be going in to work. My vote is - stay the course - try to stay in your routine and get dressed to tackle the day whatever the day may bring.

Till tomorrow..

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