Day 3 - Gotta come up with a new Title

Monday, Getting into the groove here.

I decided to do a color challenge with my daughter Clover. We were coloring and I was like - oh this could be fun, she picks a color and I have to somehow come up with something creative around that color. I am constantly chasing creative ideas in my house, I love to be creative and come up with new ideas almost every minute of the day. I do not follow through on most of them, but being I am in a time of trying some new things I thought here it goes. It's the trying that counts Right?!

Today's color was raspberry. It's absolutely juicy, tart and beautiful. Then I decided let's make this color a client, oh let's give it a theme, a place to be, an event! My daughter decided our color raspberry was off to the Beach. ALRIGHT - Challenge on.

**It dawned on me later in the day, I need to figure out how to make this more interactive with everyone, Maybe people vote on the event for the color, or maybe they dress or show what their color/event would look like? Being a baby business, I am still very much trying to get a hold of how to use social media and things like this are great practice ways to inspire creativity within people and their own style.

Here we go - Raspberry Beach Beauty... Enjoy!

I LOVE building mood boards and style inspirations, but man they take some time!

I was inspired by a lot on this one so ended up building out 3 looks for different age groups.

Over all I wanted the vibe to feel fun and flirty, sweet and tart - Just like our little raspberry.

I pinned all of my inspiration on my Pinterest board which you can follow for the challenge here.

Here are the swimsuits if you fall in love with any:




I truly hope you enjoy this challenge over the next 13 days and it brings you to a joyful headspace. Cheers to your own future beach days!

On to our next color!

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