Hot Pink + Zoo Trip.

I thought I was going to be more tropical inspired with this one, but then I found these shorts and was like - how can I NOT go animal print with a zoo trip. Then I found the Chanel sneakers and was like - OH YEA. I know it might skew a little peach - but the underlying theme is Wild.

As a mom who has had MANY trips to the zoo. Comfy sneakers are a must & Shorts are a must. (unless your thighs do not touch and then by all means wear a dress.) I wanted this to be EASY as when you're out and about with kids it must be! But you do not have to sacrifice your style JUST because you are out with kids. Pop that lipstick on and have FUN!

No pictured is a Black backpack Bucket hat which I would imagine are basic to not take away from the look and complement the shorts.

Next color UP!

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