Joy down in my heart...

I think it is amazing that during this time, we are seeing so many warming loving acts of kindness. People all over stepping up to help others, by donating money and food, by setting up ways to bring food to the elderly. Seeing the whole world stop and relate and lean on each other has such unique beauty to it. It is heart warming in such a devastating time. I also admire the humor and joy that is being shared amongst everyone even though these are pressing times. Silly videos of doctors dancing and encourage people to wash their hands. A man cheering to himself in a 4 way mirror. An apartment complex of people singing together out their windows. if you haven't already discovered @goodnews_movement check them out! Food for the soul right now.

This time is turning into one of those moments in life that help you appreciate the actual moment. It makes you realize, this is life right now. Stop looking for it, trying to schedule it, stay busy with it. Just be. Just be still. Just relax. Just breathe. Just appreciate the gift of the moment.

How are all your moments going out there? Share here! It's fun to hear from people and what they are going through. I like to talk to 100 people a day, if we can't talk face to face then this is something... My favorite moments of the day were hearing my daughter sing to her self and hearing her laugh. What was yours?

Color Challenge

It happened. She picked Brown... and Brown is moving to a new house & needs a moving look.. I almost called it quits on this one, HA but actually I ended up loving it.

I decided to go with the cabi spring 20 discovery trouser. We are seeing the "paperbag" pant style everywhere this season. These are a nice trouser pant that you can move in and still be comfortable and have a utility inspiration to them. Then I am just a van girl, so paired these super cute high tops, then added a white tee (men's Hanes). As it is with ALL T-shirts, it's ALL about how you style them to make them work. I would most likely take a pair of scissors to the shirt and cut off the collar then roll the sleeves 50's style (like we did back when I was in 6th grade.) Then throw on a bandana to help with the sweat and possibility of pulling your hair back. As a final touch I added a very cool vintage men's watch to help with the time as when you move there is no time for slacking!



Enjoy! xx Mollie

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