Jupiter; Our final space destination

Happy Tuesday people. How is everyone? I have to say - I might have to completely stop reading/watching any news. I am in the middle of a paralyzing anxiety attacked - one of the many forms of emotions I am battling during this quarantine journey. I am ready for the hopeful next wave of "it's all going to be fine".

How is everyone else copping? What is everyone needing right now? How are people passing the time, keeping themselves busy? What are ways you are helping in your community? I miss talking and see friends so much, yet I find it hard to even connect with them over FT. Everyone living in the moment makes it difficult to catch everyone at the right time. Is anyone feeling anxiety for the first time? I never even knew I had anxiety or what anxiety was until I became a mother, 4 years in and I am still figuring out how to manage it.

I will say I am reflecting and working on my intentions. One of those being discipline and commitment. And to that note.. Here we go with our next 'color a day' challenge (#10 with 4 to go)

Wild Orchid + Jupiter

This was a little bit of a tricky color, it's like a combo light pink and lavender. I found this look on the Nina Ricci 2020 runway actually. I really wanted to do a non glam look since I noticed all my other space looks were heading to a party. I thought this woman would be maybe hopping on a space bus to Jupiter, so the goal was very much something more everyday/casual.

I loved this extra large hat and the clear round earrings, I also loved the color play and stripes in the shirt and how it has the matching bottoms. The added ruffle glams it up in such a unique way, I love that it makes an effortless statement. I love this super shimmery make up look, and found this bag which I thought plays off of the earrings. For the shoes, they are actually see through which is super chic for an every day space adventure, don't you think?

Shall our next quarantine be on Jupiter? I say YES.

Enjoy. xx

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