Mars is up.

I actually have been finding a lot of inspiration for my "space" looks going back a couple years on couture runway looks. There is that lesson - sometimes we have to go back to go forward. History repeats itself, especially in Fashion. I would love to take a fashion based history class just to learn more about the clothing from centuries ago to scope out how it's inspiring to those designing today.

Next up is PRIMROSE + MARS

For Mars I wanted to find something Wild, It was VERY difficult to match this color. This dress is the closest I could find. Beyonce wore it back in 2018 and if it's good enough for her - it's 100% good enough for me. Check out more of the designer dresses here - they are breath taking. Exquisite. The dress is such a statement, but even if something is loud it's about how you bring in the other elements in to make it your own and compliment the statement piece.

I added a head piece, soft but powerful make up look and a heel. Bam. Enough said.

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