Pump Pump Pump it up

Today I felt very motivated. Not sure if it's that 1 week you get every month where you feel like you can take on the world? I wanted to completely organize and clean my house today. Has anyone else caught the spring cleaning bug?

Hope everyone is staying safe, inside and well. When I am in a good head space (not reading the news) part of this quarantine is actually kinda nice. I am so grateful for the time slowed down and my husband getting to work from home and get time to play with our daughter during the day. It's kinda beautiful that there is joy amongst such chaos.

After this 3 more colors you guys! I know that I keep apologizing for being late on the color challenge, I really had hoped to do this every day back to back. When the idea came I was running on the adrenaline of everything that was going on and had not planned this out. This is my first time trying something like this - and even blogging and I learned SO much. It was very hard to be creative some days and others I was so thankful for just this little escape and sense of normal. I am looking forward to come up with some more challenges and ideas to blog about.

PUMPKIN + TRAVEL LOOK (on the road again)

Oh How I love this look... I started with trying to find a vintage longhorns T-shirt, kicking it back to my Texas roots, and that started to shape the look. I still like to dress up when I travel, I wanted to pull something together that was not on trend with just joggers and sweatshirts. (I think we will all be over sweatshirts quite soon) Then I pulled in the cowboy boots, and then wanted to pull denim into the look so found this awesome fringe jacket - and THEN I stumbled upon my idol Iris and was like - Boom - she nailed it and that helps visualize the accessories for layering up this look. I picked a skirt for the bottom - because jeans are so uncomfortable on a plane, plus it elevates the look a bit. This makes me want to jump on a flight home to Texas. Till we travel again..

Enjoy! xx

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