Sun Goddess

Today I walked outside and when the sun hit my face and I was INSTANTLY smiling. Gotta love and appreciate ALL the little things right now, I was able to spend 30 mins outside working out today and it was glorious. Hence, as I am heading to the end of the space adventure for the color challenge (one more after this), I dubbed my yellow color a very much needed trip to the sun.

I saw this dress and it was just like rays of light coming out of the center and was instantly in love and beaming just like I was when I stepped outside today. Done. Cong Tri 2019 Ready to wear, which Kate Bosworth wore to the 2019 Oscar Vanity Fair party.

Added a headpiece because all goddess need one, and loved this make up look with the bold dramatic lip. I thought the purse fit nicely playing a bit off the clasp at the bottom. Then these Prada open toe heels I thought were perfect as when you go to the sun you obviously wear an open toe, and loved the transparent front.

Let's all bask in those rays of light people at all moments whenever we are able too. Enjoy! xx

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