The walls are caving in.

It blows my mind that it has been 1 week. WHAT is happening, Time might actually be slowing down. It feels like it has been a month. Holy cow.

I find myself wondering instead of being proactive on things I want/need to get done.

In other news, Day 5 color challenge = Sky Blue is on its way to a "Salt Tasting party" at a friend's house. I imagine this salt tasting party much like a wine tasting party.. but with better cheese. God bless my daughters imagination. Although, "uncle slug" did help us out on this one.

Alright, So it's a party - This is one to have fun with! I found these incredible sky blue trousers that started the look, high-waisted and vintage inspired with front pleats. Since the tasting is taking place at a friends house I wanted to keep it slightly casual so I went with a vintage inspired T-shirt and thought well, no one does "sky blue" quite like Cinderella (saucy minx). I went with a silver statement shoe, that also has a hint of vintage style to the front crisscross. I was playing around with the necklaces a bit but thought pearl was a great nod to the salt so stuck with that in the accessories. I am playing the proportions with the highwaisted jeans and I want the t shirt to be a crop with a choker style necklace as it plays a bit more sophisticated to me. For the final layer I wanted to play a little more with the textures so added a Channel inspired cropped tweed jacket with a high collar to also support the choker and sophistication of the look.

I mean who knew one would have so much fun getting dressed for a salt party!

enjoy.. xx Mollie

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