To the Moon.

I am very surprised at how much I am enjoying the space event look challenge with the last color's my daughter picked. Thinking about the future and what someone would wear is interesting perspective, and then to find designers or inspiration that exists that is parallel to what you are thinking is quite fun.

I wonder what the future of fashion will be even just after this? I think with the current state of the world things are going to be different. I mean how can they not. IS there a chance things could go back and try to be exactly what they were before? I guess there is, but I do think change is happening. In my opinion it would be hard NOT to change after this, Hard not to acknowledge the needs of your neighbors, the fact that we are all connected and every single persons actions in this world, on this planet effect someone else.

Did you watch MCMillions yet? the McDonalds /FBI/ INSANITY of the monopoly game being rigged? Well you should, it's a great example how one person's greed effected so many lives and generations. We Are ALL Connected. We must start acting like it. Fashion is an industry with such a HUGE impact on our planet. We can all make a difference through our purchases and consumption awareness.

In Other news, Electric Lime is going to the moon...

I love how the dress, the purse, the ring and even the eye make up all tie this look together. The fur coat and shoes I could take or leave but wanted the fur coat to add another texture into the look. This is one of my favorite colors, and was on trend 2019 it seems, Lots of designers had great lime looks which you can find on my Pinterest board.



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